Panel Session

Q. How long will a panel last? (i.e. what is the length of the session?)

A. We suppose about 90 minutes.

Q. How many speakers should a panel have?

A. It depends on the chair of the panel session. Generally, each talk is allotted fifteen or twenty minutes, but we do not determine the number of speakers.

Subsidies and Services

Travel Expenses Subsidy for Students from Outside of Japan

*When you fill out the submission form, you can find a question item; "Intention to Apply for Traveling Expenses Subsidy for Student." If you choose "I am a student and wish to take advantage of the subsidy," please send a photocopy of your student ID card by email to info@spt2023.org after completing the submission (see the submission form).

*The subsidy will be provided in Japanese yen cash or travel vouchers at the venue of the conference. Three-fourths of this subsidy will be provided by the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB).

*Applications for student subsidies will close on March 31, 2023, 24:00 (Japan Standard Time). If you would like to receive the subsidy, please send us a copy of your student ID card by the deadline.

Childcare Services

The small-scale childcare services will be available during the SPT 2023 biennial conference. If you plan to use those services, please let us know: info@spt2023.org.

The charge for that service is now arranged with an outsourced company. We are sorry to say to bear one-fourth of the expenses. The remaining three-fourths will be subsidized by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, or TCVB.

*Applications for childcare services will close on May 7, 2023, 24:00 (Japan Standard Time). 

Childcare fee: 7 June 3000 yen, 8 June 5000 yen, 9 June 5000 yen, 10 June 3000 yen (after subtracting subsidies)

Insurance fee (required for childcare use): 1000 yen/day

Fees may be reduced depending on the number of users.

Reduction will be also considered for students and participants from developing countries.


Q: If several people are making a paper presentation or panel presentation together, can the representative register them all together?

A: We are sorry, but this is not possible. Each member should register themselves. 

Q: Who is an "Accompaniment"?

A: "Accompaniment" is a person who accompanies a presenter but does not make a presentation. This category is intended for partners, family members, etc. of the presenter and does not include researchers who do not make a presentation but accompany the presenter for the purpose of attending the conference. Accompaniment people should also register themselves.

Q: How to get a visa?

A: If you need a visa to come to Japan, please prepare the following documents and send them to info@spt2023.org with "VISA" in the subject line.

1. The Screen capture of Payment Status 


Log-in ➡ My Page ➡ Confirm Payment Status ➡ Application Status

2. VISA Request Form (Download from here) 

3. Airline Reservation Confirmation (no need to purchase a ticket).

4. Hotel Reservation Confirmation

*For information on countries that require a visa, please click here.